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Our goal

With GYMGAINZ we want to encourage people to be more engaged with their health. Mainly by doing sports. We want to make people more aware of the fact that physical and mental health are strongly linked to each other. So, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will also make efforts that will have a positive influence on your mental well-being. We want to achieve this in the long run by building a community where people constantly motivate each other to become better, both physically and mentally. So our goal is not just to be a profitable company, but to bring a new mindset to people and let them evolve on a personal and sportive level.


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The fashion industry needs to make fundamental changes to avoid climate damage. Our goal is to offer a less wasteful production method thanks to print-on-demand. By choosing print-on-demand, you choose clothing that is only made when an order is placed. As a result, less textile is wasted than in traditional production. 



Our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastic for all clothing orders, and in addition, we try to minimize the use of packaging materials as much as possible.

Damaged and returned products

Our damaged and returned products are donated to local charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross, American Kidney Fund and Goodwill.


The better the quality, the longer the product will last. We work with suppliers who make high quality products that survive many washings, the printed colors remain vibrant and the material remains soft. By the way, the fabrics we use are mainly recycled polyester and organic cotton.

Printing techique

A significant portion of our products are printed using the direct-to-garment (DTG) technique. With DTG, the ink is sprayed directly onto the garment, allowing it to be better absorbed by the fabric and making the print less susceptible to fading. 

Our Team.

Our team consists out of nine members. We have Xander (CEO / IT-Specialist & Founder), Kilian (CFO / Data Specialist & Co-Founder) and Faber Liviau (COO / CMO & Social Media Coordinator), who make up the Board of Directors. They are joined by the most amazing brand ambassadors. Together, they are Team GYMGAINZ. Ready to take over the sports industry. 

Our Board of Directors.
Our Ambassadors & Athletes.
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