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About Us

Become the best version of yourself!

We are a Belgian start-up, specialised in clothing and coaching for athletes and recreational sportsmen. We launched in march 2022 as a clothing brand, focussed on the comfort of our customers. We work in an eco-friendly way to pay our dues to the environment. Since this year, we added coaching to our offering. We invented a new way, providing an all-inclusive package, to give our clients the best possible experience and results.


Our Story

GYMGAINZ is a Belgian company/online sports and coaching platform store that we've founded in March 2022. We specialise in designing sportswear with the aim of bringing comfortable clothing to people and helping them with all their sports goals. We make as much efforts as possible to work in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. This way we can ensure our customers that they're buying apparel that will help make our future greener. We work with biologically retrieved or recycled garments. Most of our garments were given an eco-label. On top of that, we work with a Print-on-Demand system, which means we start producing the items you ordered from the moment we placed the order. We have no large stock, which ensures us we don't do overproducting, so nothing goes to waste.

After a while of focussing on our clothing items, we wanted to do more sporters and people who share our mindset. We therefore decided to start a new project called "The GYMGAINZ Community" where we want to personally coach our customers 1 on 1. We work with a team of personal coaches, dieticians and psychologists to give an all-inclusive coaching experience. We won't only help you improve physically, but also mentally. On top of that, we're helping you by building a healthy lifestyle and sharing all of our knowledge with you so you can start working on yourself independantly when our trajectory ends. Become the best version of yourself with GYMGAINZ!

Meet The Team

Xander Wittouck

CEO / Founder

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Kilian Maes


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Faber Liviau


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